The Revised & Expanded Sledger's Handbook by Liam McCann (hardback)

  • The Revised & Expanded Sledger's Handbook by Liam McCann (hardback)

    6.99 GBP

    The Revised & Expanded Sledger's Handbook - How to deliver the perfect cricketing insult

    Warning: This book contains language which may offend

    "Sledging is the art of verbally intimidating a batsman so that he loses his concentration and gets himself out. It is also known as the art of initiating mental disintegration.

    "An absolutely hilarious romp through the history of the cricketing insult, from WG Grace to Shane Warne and his contemporaries. Who said cricket was a gentleman's game? Read this and you'll never make that mistake again!"

    by Liam McCann

    Available in Hardback only


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